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Why PDF Files?

PDF is portable document file which is easily accessible anywhere with the help of free Adobe Reader kind of applications. PDF files have a number of desirable features including security as the top ones that make it one of the safest portable formats. This file format is the most trusted format to share and communicate information. It is because the security measures of PDF help stop users other than the owner of the document to perform editing, printing, and copying its data. Also feature such as password protection can be included for security. The best thing is interaction with PDFs is possible on multiplatform including Windows, Mac OS, and mobile platforms including Android and iOS for iPad and iPhone.

Advantages of PDF File Format for Different Types of Users

When we talk about PDF file formats it draws various facilities to professionals and home users as well that everyone wants to utilize it without any reasons.

  • Legal Authorities: PDF is most preferred file format for legal professionals. PDF is portable document file which is electronic document and can be used in court of law.
  • Business Professionals: Most of the business professionals also chose PDF file format for accessing, sharing, and editing important emails for business works.
  • Home Users: Many home users also prefer PDF file format for storing emails into because of security reasons.

Other Benefits:

  • Security Feature of PDF: - PDF file is considered as most secure file format. Reason being no alteration can be done in data of PDF file if it protected with owner password.
  • Access email data even in absence of Internet: - By taking PST data backup in PDF, user would be able to access the email data even in the absence of Internet connectivity.
  • Can Be Accessed Anywhere: - Adobe Reader is a freeware, it is easily available and does not take much time to get installed in machine. So, user can install Adobe reader in any machine and access the data of PST file in PDF format.