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Outlook PST Corruption Causes

Outlook Recovery Cause And Solution In Detail Explained

If Microsoft® Outlook is not opening and not working normally then there must be something wrong with it. There are plenty of reasons which are altogether responsible for bringing loss to PST files of Outlook. Some are the hardware and others are the software reasons behind Outlook damage.

Hardware Issues:

  • Data Storage Device Damage: When your hard disk has bad sectors and your Outlook PST file is stored in these sectors then you only can read part of the PST file. Else, the data which you read has errors or incorrect.
  • Defective Networking Device: Outlook PST file resides on network server and when you try to access information from a client computer machine, through network links, you might find defects in network device. If network cards, cables, routers, etc connected to the network links causes issue, the remote access of PST file make it corrupted.
  • Power Failure: While accessing PST files, if there is an issue of power failure, then PST file damage is quite possible to have. For minimizing Outlook PST damage, you can use UPS because it helps in reducing power failure like issues. On the other hand, using some reliable network device can help you in diminishing Outlook hardware issues.

Software Issues:

  • Inapt File System Recovery: File system recovery is one of the biggest reasons for causing damage to PST file. When you have damaged file system and when you try to hire an expert to recover it, your PST files get remain in corrupted as some parts of the original PST file get permanently lost or overwritten by garbage data.
  • Virus attacks: Different types of viruses infect and can damage Outlook PST files and make data completely inaccessible. To get rid such an issue, install good anti-virus for Outlook email system.
  • Abnormal termination of Outlook: Most of the time, you terminate Outlook in an organized way by saving all the changes to PST file and after that by clicking ‘Exit’ or ‘Close; menu item. In case, if you have not shutdown the Outlook in the proper manner, there are chances of Outlook PST file damage.

Scanpst.exe Tool - Keep In Your Premises For Anytime Help! For repairing the damaged PST files of Outlook, you can use free Inbox Repair Tool or scanpst.exe provided by Microsoft..